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THURSDAY June 16th @7pm mt (9pm et)

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Christy Fechser
Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, and Hope Dealer

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It's time to dream big!
in this webinar we are going to talk about...

Your Life Your Way

It's no fun living in a life that makes you miserable - and you don't have to! We'll cover a few areas that will help you understand how to create your life, on your terms.

Increased Confidence

This is a biggie! Confidence is required to get to the next level. We'll talk about why you already have some confidence and how to add to it!

Life Balance

Let's unpack what it balance actually means, if you're actually looking for something different, and how it applies in your life right now.


It's one thing to set goals, it's a whole other thing to actually attain them. I have loads of information on how to not only set goals but how to actually achieve them.

focusing forward

Learn how to get laser focused on where you're going, rather than where you've been and why it matters when you're trying to create or achieve something new.

Life Vision

Without the right amount of clarity you will find yourself spinning your wheels. Clarity for what you want in your life is paramount on moving in the right direction.

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Your life is waiting

The first step to achieving any goal is one small action. Today that action looks like registering for this webinar.  Do something today that your future self will thank you for! Get registered now.

It's time for change


“Christy has just the right amount of “blunt” in her approach that she can help you see for yourself what it is you need to work on, and she can also help you see a vision for yourself or your business that sometimes you can’t see!”

~ Joni G.